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CSSS’s in the Outaouais region

In Quebec, health and social services are conferred upon the centres de santé et services sociaux (CSSS). Each CSSS is responsible for providing these services to the population of its territory.

Outaouais is divided into five territories serviced by the five CSSS’s:

Outaouais MRC de La Vallée MRC de Pontiac MRC des Collines Ville de Gatineau MRC de Papineau

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Each CSSS brings together:

  • One or more hospitals;
  • Centres locaux de services communautaires (CLSC); and
  • Centres d'hébergement et de soins de longue durée (CHSLD)

The mission of the CSSS’s is:

  • To help you receive, as quickly as possible, the quality services that you need;
  • To implement actions to improve the population’s condition of health in their region;
  • To offer quality services to residents of home-care centres; and
  • To encourage the population of the territory to adopt healthier lifestyles.

The CSSS’s accept, evaluate and direct persons and their friends and family to the services they require. They take vulnerable persons into their care. They offer general health and social services as well as some specialized services.

How I access a particular service?

For all your social services needs or to find a physician, you must go to a CSSS access kiosk in your territory. An initial analysis of your needs will be performed, in order to direct you to the most appropriate services.


Find my CSSS with the postal code:




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Interested in volunteering?

To become a volunteer in the réseau de la santé et des services sociaux (Health and Social Services Network), get in direct contact with the CSSS of your territory. You will find the address of their respective volunteer service, as well as the steps to take to get involved, in the following list:

You can also consult the Community Groups section to get involved in your neighbourhood or visit the  website to learn more about volunteer services in the fields that interest you, depending on your availability.

Useful links

Do you need a physician?

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