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Campus santé Outaouais

Campus santé Outaouais was created out of a consortium of more than 12 partners involved in the training and support of the workforce in the field of health. This consolidation makes it possible to pool together and coordinate programs, resources and tools, with a view to improving regional self-sufficiency in human and medical resources in the réseau de la santé et des services sociaux de l'Outaouais.

Campus santé Outaouais’s main objectives are:

  • Developing and consolidating medical training in the Outaouais region; and
  • Increasing the number of graduates in the fields associated with job positions in short supply or in high demand in the network.

To achieve its goals, Campus santé Outaouais tailors its work on two principles:

  • Medical training; and
  • Workforce training

Medical Training

The Outaouais region offers students decentralized medical training from McGill University.

The Programme d’externat intégré is an innovative project that consolidates, over a 48-week period, all the internships in family medicine, hospital care and emergency medicine that third-year students must undertake. This opportunity gives registered students the chance to acquire clinical exposure in all the specialized fields, all while enabling them to discover the Outaouais region and its health and social services network.

To date, medical training ensures:

  • The implementation and deployment of the Programme pour la pratique infirmière spécialisée en soins de première ligne (IPS-SPL);
  • Predoctoral training, for med students (3rd and 4th years); and
  • Postdoctoral training in various specialties for resident physicians (two-year complete program in family medicine).

Several clinics are involved and offer the IPS-SPL with adapted clinical instruction according to the UQO’s expectations.

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Workforce Training

In addition to existing training programs, five new programs are now offered in the Outaouais region:

  • Ph.D. in psychology;
  • Master’s degree for specialized nurse practitioners in front-line care;
  • College diploma in respiratory therapy techniques;
  • College diplomas and  certificates in prehospital emergency care at the CÉGEP de l’Outaouais; and
  • College diploma in biomedical analysis techniques.

Workforce needs are not restricted to urban areas; therefore, professional training programs are offered in other areas of need. Furthermore, particular partnerships are organized, like the accelerated college diploma in nursing, which has existed since 2008.

Activities for promoting trades and professions in the fields of health and health services are essential. In addition to presenting our partners’ programs to students, Campus Health has also contributed to two forums on professional and technical training, where more than 8,000 visitors gather from secondary schools.

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